Editing Services

Writing needs will differ for everyone. Below are some preset packages that I offer.

Book Coaching

This package is for the writer who needs help while actively writing their novel, short story, poetry collection, etc. The writer would send writing samples of the current manuscript weekly, and we would work through those writing samples together. It includes:

*10 Skype sessions

*Readings, generative prompts, and/or craft technique lessons.

Writing Basics & Intermediate Courses

These courses are designed for the writer who is new to the craft of writing, or someone who wants to learn more about the art of writing. Each course includes 8-10 weeks of personalized lessons tailored to your specific writing technique interests.

Editing Packages

*Content Edit: This edit will look at the main components of the manuscript. Global comments will be offered to strengthen the overall piece. This does not include line edits.

*Full Edit: This edit will look at the content development, as well as the line by line edits.

*Copy Edit: This is a line by line edit. Adjustments will be made on the grammar level, and will not focus on the overall components of the manuscript.

*Multi Layer Edit: This package is best for the writer who wants to work on one layer of edits at a time. We’ll start with the content edit, then move the line and copy edits.

Don’t see the package you want? Email me about the personalized package you would like to create.